Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall - Improvements

(Update January 24)

If you would like to consider making a donation towards  these future projects, please contact a member of the management  committee (see information page).

Your donation would be contributing to the whole community and your support would be very much appreciated.

 2020:- Audio-Visual system installed in the large function room.It includes loop hearing support

 2021:- The large function room, decorated throughout.

New windows installed in Ladies and Gents toilets.

New door and ventilation installed in plant room.

Ventilation fan installed in small function room.

2022:- Broadband system installed for entire building.

Repairs to car park surface completed.

2023:- Broadband upgraded to high speed fibre.

2024:- Large Hall low level lighting modified to LED and switching improved.

Future Projects being progressed

New flooring in Foyer and Storeroom.

Improvements to outside small hall emergency exit area.

Small function room Audio-Visual system installation.

Upgrade fire alarm system.